We Are The Poisoned Youth

17 year old from a small city in Pennsylvania.

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Quick you are trapped on a desert island. pick 5 people you are trapped with, 5 things you would want with you, and 3 things that are available on the island (excluding boat, escape route, anyway to get off the island in any of your answers)
by Anonymous

People im trapped with:
1.) Rachel aka my best friend
2.) Harry Styles
3.) My mother
4.) This guy I completely adore/crush
5.) Matt Shultz

Things I want with me:
1.) Phone with unlimited battery/headphones
2.) Survival Guide for dummies
3.) Guitar
4.) Blankets/pillows
5.) Clothes

Things available:
1.) Clean water
2.) Food
3.) Chocolate

Doing honesty hour! Ask me, anon or not! I’m bored.

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actually having a conversation with Richie from The silent scene and I’m shitting bc he’s gorgeous, 18, and plays music. Pls help